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It is very important to eliminate the following while you are detoxing to reduce the strain on your body and it will make your detox journey an easier one. Trust us it will be all worth it. 

  1. Try to avoid plastics. This includes plastic containers and water bottles. Replace these with glass or ceramic items
  2. Be careful of body creams that make you retain water – in the detox diet phase, avoid creams that contain animal fats. Instead, use pure coconut oil or olive oil; rosehip oil is also great to use on your face. These will help to replace the natural oils in your skin.
  3. Be aware of bad chemicals in creams and lotions – avoid parabens (preservatives), chemical fragrances and phthalates (softening agents). Sweet Envy has all natural skincare and any toxic chemicals.
  4. Avoid alcohol and tobacco.
  5. Most prescription medications are usually fine to take while doing a detox, but you should always consult your Doctor before using Slimming Tea if you are taking any prescription medication.
  6. If you have recently taken antibiotics or have been generally unwell, do not begin a detox, as the detoxification process will put extra strain on your body. It is better to wait a few weeks until you are fully recovered.
  7. Avoid the fluoride and other chemicals in tap water. Use filtered water.
  8. Sugar should be avoided while doing a detox diest, however, a little honey is recommended if needed. 
  9. And NO, no alcohol allowed while detoxing.
Want more tips and tricks to a healthier you? Our Sweet Envy Slimming Tea Program will provide you with the right tools and information to help you achieve your goal.
This Program has been designed by the team here at Sweet Envy Chocolate and Tea along with a team of expert professionals in fields of nutrition, exercise, and dietetics for everyday people like your self. We strongly believe that everyday people can achieve incredible things if they have access to the right tools and information.




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