GUNPOWDER MINT - Sweet Envy Chocolate and Tea


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Widely consumed throughout the world, Gunpowder tea is rolled into tiny pellets that unfurl into long green banners of satisfaction. This smoky tea, rich in antioxidants with very little caffeine and just the right amount of mint, makes it a perfect choice to greet the evening.

green tea, white tea, spearmint, flavors, jasmine flower

Steeping Suggestions
*1½ tsp. tea
*steaming (180°) water
*steep for 2 - 2½ minutes

Iced Tea Recipe (8 servings)
¼ cup tea, 8 cups cold water, steep for 30-40 minutes in the fridge, sweeten to taste. Keep refrigerated and consume within 3 days.


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contain plant-based caffeine.

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