Q. Where may I purchase your teas, Chocolates, and coffees?

A. Our products can be purchased directly through our website by visiting our online store and while we do not currently have any Sweet Envy retail locations.

Q. Can I sell Sweet Envy Chocolate and Tea in my establishment?

A. Absolutely! To be eligible for a wholesale account with Sweet Envy Chocolate and Tea, you must be in a business that is retailing or manufacturing the products that you are buying, or in a business that uses the products to service the public.

A business license or resale number is required, where applicable. If you have any questions about whether or not you qualify for an account, please contact us at info@sweetenvygf.com

Q. What is your privacy policy?

A. We NEVER collect or store any personal data without your prior knowledge and consent. At Sweet Envy Gluten Free Desserts, LLC, we are committed to you and to protecting your privacy. For further details, please visit our complete privacy policy page at 

Q. Do you offer tea training?

A. Sweet Envy Chocolate and Tea we offer exclusive training programs designed around your needs. We work with top restaurants and hotels to create training programs that will enhance the quality of tea and Chocolate service for years to come. By creating a one on one Tea, Chocolate and Coffee sommelier training program you can train multiple departments and elevate your tea, Chocolate, and coffee program into an experience that is unique, educational and fun for your guests to refer to as “The” place to learn about and enjoy these amazing nectars.
To find out more about staff training and our products sommelier program, contact us directly at info@sweetenvygf.com

Q. Do you use social media?

A. For the most up-to-date information on Art of Tea, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We frequently post a lot of great information about our teas, Chocolates, and Coffee as well as exclusive discounts and promotions for our followers. 

Ordering Info

Q. What does my order status mean? (Pending, Processing, Shipped)

A. If your order is marked as “Pending” it means it has been successfully submitted to Sweet Envy Chocolate and Tea, but your credit card has not yet been processed. If your order is marked as “Processing” it means your credit card has been processed and your order is in production. If your order is marked as “Shipped” it is in transit and an email has been sent with tracking information to the email address on your account.

Q. What are your order turnaround times?

A. In an effort to maintain a fresh and continuously replenished inventory year round, all of our teas, Chocolates, and Coffees are hand blended and hand packed once we receive your order. Most orders are produced in 3-5 business days. Large orders with numerous items may take longer. 

Q. How do I change my order?

A. If your order is still marked as “Pending” and needs to be adjusted, please email us immediately via our Contact page and we would be happy to help you make any changes.

Q. How do I qualify for free shipping?

A. We always provide FREE SHIPPING.

Q. Is it safe to use my Credit Card on your website?

A. Absolutely! We are able to keep your personal information safe and secure by utilizing Secure Socket Layers (SSL) encryption technology. For maximum security, we use a secure server that encrypts all your ordering information, including your name, address and credit card number. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. sweetenvygf.com accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We do not currently accept personal checks, money orders, international wire transfers, PayPal, or Smart Cards.

Q. How can I track my order?

A. A notification of shipment is sent to the email address you have provided with your Sweet Envy Chocolate and Tea account. The email you receive will contain either a UPS, ePacket or US Mail Tracking Number, which can be used to check the status of your shipment via www.ups.com, www.17track.net/en or www.usps.com.

Q. Can I ship to a PO Box?

A. Yes. All orders placed with a PO BOX shipping address will arrive via US Mail, as UPS and ePacket cannot ship to PO Boxes, and some of our items may not be deliverable to a PO Box.

Q. Are your teas always guaranteed to be fresh?

A. Sweet Envy Chocolate and Tea, we are committed to the quality and consistency of our Teas, Chocolate, and Coffees. Whether you purchase your tea during Summer or Winter, we guarantee that it always be the same great taste and freshness that you love. We taste hundreds of teas on a monthly basis to ensure each batch of tea adheres to our rigorous quality standards.

Q. Why can’t I find my favorite Art of Tea product on your website?

A. There are numerous reasons why certain teas or teaware may become discontinued or temporarily unavailable. It could be because it was seasonal, or we might not be able to source specific products or ingredients necessary to make the blend (whether it be because of weather or climate conditions, price or scarcity of ingredients), or it could just be that it isn't a big mover for us and we are clearing space for an even more exciting tea or blend.

Q. Will my favorite seasonal tea be back next year?

A. While we do try our best to bring back our most popular seasonal teas each year, we can't always be sure. Often seasonal teas and blends are dependent on the availability of certain ingredients and subject to harvesting conditions and weather conditions that may be outside of our control.

Q. What does “organic certified” mean?

A. A tea, chocolate or coffee qualifies as “certified organic” when it’s been grown, processed and handled within the parameters of certain established international standards whose requirements include exclusive use of purified garden soils, approved organic fertilizers & pest controls, processing methods, packaging, labeling, shipping, storage, handling, traceability and re-packing. All organic processes must be certified by an international agency and are strictly monitored. Our teas, chocolate, and coffee are certified.

Q. What does “fair trade certified” mean?

A. Fair trade practices help producers in under-developed countries have greater opportunities to acquire the resources they need to improve their livelihood by promoting fair wages for workers, building schools and hospitals, creating cultural centers, promoting gender equality and fighting against child labor in tea producing areas.

Q. Where does tea come from?

A. All varietals of tea (black, green, oolong, white, & pu-erh) come from the camellia sinensis plant, which grows mainly in tropical and sub-tropical climates. What makes each tea different is how they are grown, harvested and processed.

Q. What is the shelf life of your tea?

A. We give an 18-month shelf life to our teas. Teas with natural flavor additives will have their flavor diminish over time, but do not expire. The shelf life of tea same as our coffee and Chocolate is largely dependent on how the product is stored. Keeping your products away from light, heat, and moisture will ensure the highest quality and longest shelf stability.

Q. What is the best way to store my tea?

A. Teas are best stored dry, kept as airtight as possible, out of direct sunlight, and away from heat. Tea will absorb any surrounding aromas and can also be damaged by UV light. Our foil-lined re-sealable Kraft bags are an excellent way to store your tea.

Q. What is Matcha?

A. Matcha is made from a shade grown green tea, known as Gyokuro, which is carefully steamed and meticulously dried. After the steaming process, the leaves are separated from the stems. The leaves alone, called tencha , are grounded into a powder called matcha. It is prepared by whisking the tea powder with hot water in a ceramic bowl. Matcha is the primary form of tea used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. The sweet flavor of matcha is due to the number of amino acids present in the tea and the higher the quality, the sweeter and deeper the flavor is.

Wellness Info

Q. Are your teas, chocolates, and coffees Gluten free?

A. All of our teas are gluten-free, although not all of our teas, chocolates, coffees, botanicals and other ingredients come from gluten-free certified suppliers.

Q. Do any of your teas, chocolate, and coffee contain nuts?

A. None of our teas contain nuts, as with gluten-free not all of our teas, botanicals and other ingredients come from certified nut free suppliers.